Thursday, November 30, 2006

X-mas is coming

Today is the last day of november and we get closer to christmas every day.
One of my favorite things about christmas in Rio is this huge xmas tree we are gifted with every year. Since 1996 Bradesco, a brazilian bank, gives us this beautiful floating tree to make our december even more beautiful. It's placed on Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the heart of the south zone of the city and one of the most expensive places to live inRio.

The tree gets bigger and more beautiful every year and this saturday (dec 2nd) a 82 m high structure of 2,8 milion microlamps and 500 ton of weight will be lit up. This picture was taken by O Globo news durig the tests made yeasterday; you can see how big it is comparing the people in the picture with it. There is a party every year to celebrate the tree and everybody likes to go there to watch it.

If you come to Rio in december, don't miss it. The tree will be there until the end of january, i think. There are dozens of bars and restaurants around the lagoon where you can drink and eat at night while watching this guiness awarded beautiful thing. I'll be there and take some pictures for my on. Show you later.



Marieta said...

I would love to be there in December!

Pier said...

Wow... I'm waiting for some picture of the new year's eve celebrations!

Pier said...

Ops.... I made an error and pasted the address of another website in the comment below... sorry about that :-(

Glauce Pickering said...

Gostaria de contribuir com minhas fotos para este site.. Aceita uma parceria? :)

Line said...

Claro! Perfeito! A minha maior dificuldade é justamente conseguir as fotos, eu sou muito enrolada pra isso. Vou adorar! Me dá o seu e-mail que a gente vai se falando.


Glauce said...

valeu entao!
meu email e

me escreva assim que puder!


a gente precisa mostrar ao mundo como o Rio e perfeito :)