Thursday, April 05, 2007

Corcovado Hill - View from the top - Part 2

View from the right side of the statue, showing the areas of Leblon and Jardin Botanico, part of the "South Side".

Leblon has a special place in my heart... It's not as busy as Ipanema but still maintains the trendy aspects and the charm of the Rio de Janeiro from the Bossa Nova years. It's where the church I've been to for years is located, and also where I got married... ;)

"Leblon has a romantic history. It was an area of difficult access, and it was once used as a hiding place for runaway slaves. The land originally belonged to Frenchman Charles Le Blond.
Leblon started to grow with Ipanema, when a streetcar line connected them to the rest of the city.
Upper Leblon (Alto Leblon) is almost strictly residential. This hilly area on the West side of Leblon is a favorite spot for Rio's rich and famous. Lower Leblon (Baixo Leblon) is the bohemian side of the neighborhood, and it ruled nightlife in the 70's and 80's. A stop for a pizza or beer was almost mandatory after a night of fun - some restaurants and bars remain open until way past 4 a.m. Stop and sit for a while to watch the pedestrians passing by, and maybe you will understand why Cariocas have a permanent love affair with Leblon."



Carlos said...

That's very interesting about Leblon. The "novelas" mention it a lot and it's noticeable that it's he place of the rich.

Carraol said...

Great shots of Rio & a wonderful idea to include the lyrics of Jobim!